Sunday, 6 April 2008

Health in EMDCs

In just 10 years, a child born in the west of scotland will die younger than a child born anywhere else in Europe. Good case study to use in exams here.
Scotland's DREADFUL reputation as the sick man of Europe is confirmed today with the publication of a major new study that reveals some of the poorest areas of eastern Europe will shortly overtake our levels of life expectancy. Death rates among young Scots men are rising due to violence, suicide, drugs and alcohol, a pattern that is not repeated elsewhere. And a higher rate of middle-aged women in the west of Scotland are dying because of cancer, heart attacks, stroke and liver disease.
Many of the factors directly contributing to this poor health - such as smoking, too much alcohol , obesity and poor diet - are well known.

In about 10 years time, the west of Scotland will have the lowest life expectancy of all the regions, while residents in the poorest areas in Poland and the Czech Republic are expected to be living longer.

Read carefully here.

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