Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Earth Hour

Good to see S ayrshire encouraging us to be involved this year. If you haven't seen anything about this it is encoursging us all to "switch off" for an hour at 8.30pm on 27th March. There are some good videos here and you can vote for your favourite. I've put them all below for you to see.

Monday, 22 March 2010

World Water Day

Today is world water day. Just a little here to make you think. Look at the other links on this too elsewhere on the blog.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Hello all at Carrick

Hi folks
I hope you are all working hard for Mrs Lyon and Miss Grant. Highers should finish the biosphere by Easter. Make sure you have seen a few past papers on this and the Rural needs to be finished soon too. Listen to Mrs Lyon - she knows her stuff! You will need to do some of this at home but I know this won't be a problem! You will move on to the section on the Hyrdrosphere after this ie rivers. This is a good section. It is easy and has a bit of mapwork in it too to make it easy to pick up marks. All will be doing the same stuff too. Intermediates_ how is the env hazards doing? I hope you are nearly finished the sheets and ready to see the videos this week. Ask Miss Grant or Mr Brown to set up the tv and video for you for this - I know a bit antequated but the film is good! You have questions with part one but the rest you can just watch. Watch also the next sections -called "the science" after each bit. Don't cry at the sad bits!.
S4 Your comments are on Glow already along with lots of revision stuff. Work well for Mrs L and Mr W. S3 are ready to do your tests. Good Luck! Rivers after that will be a dawdle.
S2 are about to start the Maybole bypass debate preparations. I'm sorry I'm going to miss this. It is always good fun. S1 are doing the weather test next week. Also Good Luck!
I am doing ok at home but missing you all! I hope to be back soon after Easter.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Urban change in Glasgow

Thought a little timely reminder of settlement would come in handy as you revise for those dreaded exams. A few good films here on urban regeneration in Glasgow

Sony Bravia

Making of Bravia paint ad

Recycling can be fun