Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Cool stuff!

Iceland's energy answer comes naturally.
Iceland is the only country in the world that can claim to obtain 100% of its electricity and heat from renewable sources. The glaciers and rivers of the interior of the country are harnessed to generate 80% of the country's electricity needs through hydropower, while the geothermal fields provide up to 20% of the country's electricity needs. Geothermal water is used to heat around 90% of Iceland's homes, and keeps pavements and car parks snow-free in the winter. Geothermal energy in Iceland happened by accident. In 1907, a farmer in west Iceland took steam from a hot spring that ran below his farm through a concrete pipe and into his house several metres above. A few years later, another farmer became the first Icelander to use hot spring water for heating, and extensive distribution of hot water to heat homes began in the capital in 1930. Geologists say that Iceland has barely scratched the surface of its geothermal energy potential.
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