Sunday, 13 April 2008

Brazil makes 'rainforest' condoms

Making love might not seem like the most obvious way to save the world's largest tropical rainforest - and combat the threat of Aids.
But according to the Brazilian government, which this week opened a £10m condom factory deep in the Amazon jungle, it could be an effective weapon in the battle to stop the chainsaw damage of Amazonia.
The Brazilian government has begun producing condoms using rubber from trees in the Amazon. The Brazilian government has one of the biggest programmes in the world to distribute free condoms in the fight against the disease. The latex will come from the Chico Mendes reserve, an area named after the famous conservationist and rubber tapper who was shot dead in 1988 by local ranchers.
The factory will benefit at least 500 families and provide 150 jobs . Read here and here.

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