Monday, 21 April 2008

EU set to scrap biofuels target amid fears of food crisis

Under the proposals, to be turned into law within a year, biofuels are to supply a tenth of all road vehicle fuel by 2020 as part of the drive to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20%. Britain has set its own biofuels targets, which saw 2.5% mixed into all petrol and diesel fuel sold on petrol stations in the UK. The government wants to increase that to 5% within two years, but has admitted that the environmental concerns could force them to rethink. The target is being strongly criticised by the commission's own scientific experts and advisers to the EU. "The diversion of crops to fuel can raise food prices and reduce our ability to alleviate hunger," warned an agricultural scientist. Germany recently announced a retreat from its biofuel policies. Read the full article here.

Biofuel rules 'could make millions homeless'
The aid charity, Oxfam, has warned that 60 million people in Asia, Africa and South America are threatened with possible eviction to make way for "green" fuel plantations, whether palm oil, soya or sugar cane.
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