Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Save the Children Campaign

Saving children's lives is simple, according to Save the Children's advert. This is an example of effective Primary Health Care. The charity reveals that to help a child make it to their fifth birthday could be as easy as providing a £5 mosquito net or £1 rehydration salts to help a child recover from diarrhoea. Over the next few months Save the Children will introduce lots of simple ways of saving a life, to help families interact with the charity's work around the world.
"This is just the start of a three-year campaign to save children's lives. We will be using technology allowing families to get involved and show the world just how simple it is to save a child's life." One way is below. Click the diagram above for a link to the charity's site.
Mosquito nets
Pyrethroid treated mosquito nets protect children at risk from malaria.
A simple net stops a mosquito from biting children while they sleep, infecting them with malaria and invading red blood cells with parasites. Malaria is one of the five major causes of death in emergency situations.
£5 buys one net
£21 buys five nets
Here's another example.

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