Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Cadbury thinks out of the box with 'eco-egg'

Cadbury Schweppes, which makes half of Britain's Easter eggs, is trialling an unboxed "eco-egg" so called as they are only packaged in foil rather than in the usual elaborate plastic and cardboard boxes. The Treasure Egg, which is the official name of the 'eco-egg', comes with a choice of three different contents: Mini Eggs, Mini Dairy Milks and Mini Caramel Chocolates. They will all be packaged in 20 % less packaging than the standard Cadbury Easter eggs. Cadbury's will also reduce Easter egg packaging in general, which means that the choc company should save 1,130 tonnes of packaging this Easter. Is this perfect? No - What about using some organic ingredients? Using recycled packaging? Encouraging chocolate egg eaters to recycle the foil? Also, the company is continuing with its plans to close its Somerdale Chocolate factory and export the work to Poland. The plan will add 7 million extra food miles to products such as Fudge, Crunchie, Curly Wurly, Milk Tray and Fry's Turkish delight. 98% of chocolate made at the Somerdale factory is consumed within the UK. Currently it takes just six hours for a chocolate bar to be made at Somerdale, transported and then made available for sale. Does this mean Cadburys have egg on their faces? Sorry! Link here. and the BBC article here.

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