Saturday, 23 February 2008

Car-sharing cameras tests

A new generation of road camera which can deduce how many people are in a car is to be tested for the first time. It will initially be used to monitor car-sharing lanes in Leeds. What is the situation in Leeds?
Four out of five cars driving into cities at rush hour only have one person in them.
The government believes encouraging people to share journeys will help combat congestion. Car sharing lanes are already in operation in cities such as Birmingham and Leeds.
In Birmingham only cars carrying at least two people, are allowed to join motorbikes and cycles in using the lane, in a bid to ease congestion into the city centre.
High occupancy vehicle lanes can be part of that because they certainly encourage car sharing. It also contributes to improving the environment and can cut the cost of travelling as well.
Great stuff for Higher and Int 2 Urban transport case studies. Use these in answers and you can pick up lots of marks.
Read the articles here and here on this. Watch the video here too.

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