Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Classic Winter anticyclone –not quite

February 2008 Anticyclone. 6am

This week has been a lot milder than we might expect at this time of year but the maps do show a typical anticyclone. Look at the low temperatures in the morning and the warmer temperatures during the day. This is , of course a result of the clear skies. The isobars are far apart and the wind moves round this system in a clockwise manner. For more revision see the Scalloway site here or BBC Bitesize here. Good revision for S3 and S4. Remember to look at the other section of these sites too.
The weather summary is shown here.
United Kingdom Outlook
Tuesday nightClear and cold with another frost forming fairly quickly after sunset. Fog patches will also again develop and become dense, especially in eastern England.
WednesdayFoggy and frosty at first. Most places will brighten up with good sunny periods and once again it will be mild. Some parts of eastern England and eastern Scotland are expected to remain rather grey and chilly.

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