Sunday, 9 March 2008

Rural Change in the UK

Good introduction here to the changes which have taken place over the last couple of thousand years in Britain and the impact these have had on the countryside. This is a potential Higher question folks. Watch the whole movie if you can and then read the info -the written text is better for us than the movie but the film is beautifully done. Explore the tabs at the top especially all the sections of the “modern” section. Changes in the structure of agricultural support, which started in 2005 meant far reaching changes for British and European agriculture. In practice this means that farm support is no longer be linked to production. Support is independent of the number of livestock carried or the hectares of a crop grown and made through a Single Farm Payment (SFP) based on the historic production claims of the years 2000 – 2002.

Integrated Farm Management (IFM)Integrated Farm Management is a whole farm system providing efficient and profitable production that is environmentally responsible. IFM works by integrating beneficial natural processes into modern farming techniques and ensures that high standards of stewardship and environmental care are practiced. Practitioners of IFM need to be able to clearly demonstrate improvement to the quality of soil, water, air, wildlife habitat and the landscape. Read more about this by clicking on the Key Subjects link to the left of the page and then under the “Issues” tab on Integrated Farming. Lots of good stuff here for S grade as well as Higher / Int 2. Link here.

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