Sunday, 23 March 2008

Industrial decline

Since some of you were a bit confused in your Human NAB about this I've put in a link to help summarise this area's decline. The key here is "keep it simple". The SQA aren't looking for massively detailed answers.
The Sambre-Meuse regionThe Sambre-Meuse region in Wallonia, southern Belgium is a traditional coalfield area where heavy industry is in decline and where there is little to attract light industry. Coal mining in the Sambre-Meuse region began to decline in the 1960s because of cheaper coal imports, exhausted coal seams, and alternative cheap energy sources such as oil and environmental concerns. Already the Belgian government's regional planning has been successful in attracting some new industry to Charleroi. The La Redoute fashion chain relocated there because of government grants. I'm sure Mrs McF has shown you the video on this. If you missed it ask me asap. More info on this suimmarised here.

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