Sunday, 9 March 2008

Lithosphere Higher and Int 2 Physical Environment links

Coastal site. Just thought I’d post this while I remember about it. Use it for revision of all the topics we have now finished. Click the link above.And also this one on limestone. Brilliant stuff from the BBC for us. Use all the links on the left especially the maps. Click the link again.
Higher / Int 2 Glaciation link designed for S5/6 students in Edinburgh. In particular, you should explore the 'Glacial landscapes' section from the menu panel on the left side of the home page. Remember! You need to be able to refer to an area of upland glaciation for questions which may appear for Higher in the Rural Land Resources section of paper 2. Click the link to follow and more info here. Can you recognise some features on the map below? Good for S grade to see what they can identify too.

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