Friday, 25 January 2008

Higher revision

It might be a good idea to look at the specimen paper for Geography using the link here to give you some pointers before your prelims. Look at the questions and then try them and THEN (only then!) mark your answers looking at the marking scheme given. No none of these are your prelim questions!

Industry links Higher
Call centres
UK firms size up Indian benefits
Watch the videos on this site here.
Fancy earning twice as much as a doctor and getting chauffeured to and from work each day?

Hertford to Hyderabad: call centre workers learn about slang, Stonehenge and BBC diction
At the office there's a free canteen, a fully equipped gym and a pool table. Now here's the snag. You'll only be earning £150 a month and may have to work until 2.30am. And you'll be living in India. Read the article on this here.

Finally see how the situation is changing for some firms now.
Abbey closes Indian call centres
Abbey's retreat from India was prompted by complaints from customers.
The former building society, previously known as Abbey National, was one of a wave of companies which jumped on a bandwagon of exporting jobs to India. It is the first to reverse the move. Staff in Bangalore carry out basic bank account tasks, such as reading out customers' balances over the phone and drawing up standing orders. But customers said they were unhappy with the service. Some complained of language difficulties.
Read the rest here

Lucky Goldstar
You should read through this link about the Lucky Goldstar investment in Wales.Article from The Independent

Good study introduction to South Wales and how its industry has changed here. Compare this to the Sambre Meuse area. Link here.

No Water in Nairobi Slum
In Nairobi's central slum, Kibera, nearly a million people are crowded together with no proper water supply. Watch this disturbing video here. Excellent revision for Higher and Intermediate Development and Health.

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