Saturday, 2 August 2008

Olympics coming soon

One mans view of the Beijing Olympics. A bit old (from 2007) but may be very relevant over the next few weeks. Do you think we will see the real China when the Olympics are televised. Quite frankly I doubt it.

Pollution in Beijing
Beijing is taking drastic measures to improve its air quality in the run-up to the Olympics. In China's capital city, emergency measures are being taken before the Olympics.
The aim is to reduce air pollution so when athletes and tourists arrive for the Olympics, they can see blue sky above the bird's nest stadium. In Beijing the issue is serious, with winds carrying pollution from all over the surrounding region as well as dust from the Gobi desert in spring.
Then there's the effect of sunlight. Nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons can form ozone as long as there's bright sunlight.
Read the longer BBC article here.

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