Saturday, 12 March 2011

Japanese earthquake

As Carrick pupils know, our seismometer recorded the horrific events of the Japanese earthquake yesterday morning and we watched all day as the aftermath became evident. The tracing was very clear on our seismometer and I will add a copy of this when I go into school next week. It was heartwarming to hear the cries of sympathy from pupils in school and I was very proud of the mature attitude shown even by the youngest of pupils who showed great concern for the victims of this tragedy. I have added lots of links below mainly as a record for the future to refer to this event. I realise there are probably lots of other links I should have added but this is a start.

BBC info –news and videos as well as updates.
Info about whirlpools caused here -
Radiation threats-
Tsunami engulfs the airport -
Tokyo at a stand still -
A Scottish perspective
Major earthquakes in last 100yrs or so. Including San Francisco 1906
Tsunami aftermath
Horrific photos
Tsunami Areas affected across the Pacific

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