Sunday, 30 May 2010


Just a wee last minute note to say Good luck to all in the Geography exams tomorrow. Don't work too late and try to be more awake than I am in the morning! See the note below regarding the standard grades "explain" type questions and use of the word "because" in your answer. Have I ever mentioned that one?!!!!!!! For the Higher be careful to look at the number of marks and choose in Paper 2 Environmental Interactions - River Basin Management Question 3 and Development and Health question 6. If one of these is a really nasty one then have a look at the Rural Land Resources question 1 to see if you make a better attempt at it. Don't be tempted to look at the rest.
Intermediates - look at the number of marks and use all the resources you have been given. You have a choice of answering 2 from River Basin Management / Development and Health / Environmental Hazards. remember though you haven't done the last in a huge amount of detail, so I would only do this in an emergency. Finally girls the pic is apparently a symbol of good luck for you! OK I think it is meant to be the tattoos but I didn't think you would care.

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