Thursday, 5 November 2009

China changes the Weather-possibly.....

The snow that fell on Beijing last week was the heaviest for many years. It was also, China claims, man-made. Some areas of farmland in the north of China were suffering because of drought. So on Saturday night China's meteorologists (weather experts) fired 186 explosive rockets with chemicals to "seed" clouds and encourage snow to fall. The US has tried this in California. The chemicals fired into the sky, usually dry ice or silver iodide, are supposed to provide a surface for water vapour to form rain. But there is little evidence that it works – after all, how do we know it would not have rained anyway? Such doubts have not stopped China claiming tha they did control the weather. Officials said the blue skies that were over Beijing's parade to celebrate 60 years of communism were a result of cloud-seeding. In 2008, more than 1,000 rockets were fired to ensure a dry night for last year's Olympic opening ceremony. As interest grows, so does concern about whether such techniques, known as geoengineering, are good for the planet and humans. "If climate change turns ugly, then many countries will start looking at desperate measures," says an energy expert ." Geoengineering worries experts for two reasons. First, the massive side effects; what it could do to the world's rainfall, for example. Second, once started, geoengineering would probably have to be continued, as stopping could bring lots of changes in climate.
With a lot of potential disasters some say, there must be a law against geoengineering. What do you think?

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