Friday, 24 July 2009

Shanghai now wants a 'two-child policy'

Couples who were both only children, which includes most of the city's young adults, are allowed a second child. There are too many old people in the city and fewer people to look after them. There is a similar problem in Europe. The many only children of China have earned the nickname of "little emperors" as they are very spoiled.
China's birth-control policies have been hugely controversial in other countries and even in China itself, as enforcement has involved forced abortions and other abuses.
It has also been blamed for a gender imbalance, as a traditional preference for boys has persuaded some parents to abort girl babies. In other words more boys are being born than girls and this is now causing problems when boys cannot find a wife in some areas. Read the rest of this BBC article here. Look at sme of the links on this BBC page too as they are very seful for Int 2 and Higher.

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