Thursday, 2 April 2009

Earthquakes in Action

I spent a good day yesterday with the Doc and Mrs Mac in Edinburgh at a launch by the British Geological Survey of the School Seismology Project showing simple machines which can be used in schools to measure earthquakes. These should be a little more accurate however than the ancient Chinese seismometer above. It has great potential for us and we are really excited about the possibilities we can roll out from this. Even if we aren't fortunate enough to get one given to us, we hopefully can apply for some funding to go ahead with this project. More here. I think S2 and Int 2 would get a lot from it. We were shown some simple methods of measuring the sound of an earthquake and identifying exacltly where in the world it happened and also how to use jelly to see how strong it was! More on this later.
It was also good to meet others from around the country interested in these things and to put a face to the Odblog author - Kenny O'Donnell. Hopefully we can collaborate and get a few kids talking together on a Glow meet once things are a bit quieter and the technology is all up and running. I did warn him that I'm rubbish at all the techy stuff!


Kenny O'Donnell said...

Remember I'm a Glow rookie, out of my comfort zone! Nice meeting you yesterday, and look forward to finding my way around Glow and doing something between our students further down the line.


Ayrshiregeography said...

Good to meet you too. E-mail address I gave you won't work at the moment. Maybe I'll finally sign up tp twitter and join the rest of you superkeen folk on it!Will be in touch after the hols.