Sunday, 9 November 2008

The Box

The Box is an ambitious and unique year-long project for BBC News to tell the story of international trade and globalisation by tracking a standard shipping container around the world.As we discussed in class we will be looking at where this container is going and the effect of this on trade patterns in the world. How does this affect us? See over the next few weeks. The journey started in September leaving Greenock with a load of whisky going to China! If you click on the picture below you can see a video of this.

Link here

The BBC has a series of pages on this topic but I think they are a little complex for S2 at the moment. The link is here if anyone wants a look. Fee free! Link here
Marks and Spencer has just opened its largest store in Asia, and the first in mainland China.
Although most of the country cannot afford to shop at the store, there is no shortage of customers. The manager of Marks and Spencer in Shanghai said
"Digestive biscuits are an exotic draw - at 30% off, Shanghainese shoppers have been grabbing them by the armful. "
The journey is almost read to continue its route from China to the USA with a ship load of clothes. Keep watching this site to track its progress.

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