Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Ten ways to save money by going green

Zonal living
You only really need to heat your bedroom and bathroom for a maximum of a couple of hours each day, typically in the morning. You only really need to heat your living room for the few hours in the evening when you are likely to be in there watching TV. Thermostats and timers can help you heat each zone. (Tell your parents this one and see how they can save money as well as the environment.)

Video conferencing
Encourage your parents to use technology rather than driving for hours or even flying to other countries for a meeting when all you need to do now is log on. The technology is improving all the time and it is now even free if both parties use software such as Skype.

Change your driving style
You can knock up to 20% off your fuel costs simply by changing the way you drive your car. (Tell your parents this one too.)

Cloth nappies

The Women's Environmental Network estimates that parents can save almost £1,000 over the 2.5 years a child is typically in nappies if they use "real" nappies instead of disposable ones.

Tumble dryer
A washing line or clothes horse will help you save hundreds of pounds over the life of an average tumble dryer.

Water butts
Hose pipes can use huge amounts of water, particularly if you're watering a lawn, or washing a car. Whats wrong with a bucket and sponge. Avoid the car wash! Sprinklers are a no-no, really, as they can use hundreds of litres of water an hour.

Invest in a flask
You only need to boil a kettle once in the morning to provide all your hot water for tea and coffee for the rest for the day.

Car clubs
Get public transport... reduce car use and save money is to join a car club.

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