Saturday, 17 May 2008

Burma (Myanmar) cyclone

Monks above are appealing for help.

“Burma is guilty of inhuman action” says PM Gordon Brown
The official number of deaths from the cyclone disaster in Burma has risen to 78,000, as the country's military regime (the Junta) continues to stop aid from reaching 2.5 million survivors. Mr Brown called on the ruling junta to stop blocking foreign aid. ”This is inhuman. We have an intolerable situation, created by a natural disaster.
“It is being made into a man-made catastrophe by the negligence, the neglect and the inhuman treatment of the Burmese people by a regime that is failing to act and to allow the international community to do what it wants to do.” There are reports of disease, and accounts of hungry villages gathering along roadsides in the rain and mud, begging passing vehicles for food with clasped hands. Food and clean drinking water are practically unavailable in most places. As the Burmese authorities continued to guard the disaster area like a prison camp, the Red Cross warned that what the most desperate need now is for clean drinking water, if survivors are not to fall victim to dysentery and other diseases. "If clean water isn't available, it's going to be the biggest killer in the post-disaster environment," Thomas Gurtner, the head of operations for the Red Cross, said in Geneva. "Food is urgent, but you die in three days from acute diarrhoea. You die of starvation in a period of weeks."

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